CNC Machining Services

Rapid Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing

Quality is the most important things for us! Dexin is one of the best rapid prototyping companies, a specialist in CNC machining, 3D printing, rapid tooling and sheet metal fabrication ensure that your designs and ideas are actualized in the real world in just a few days. You will have the opportunity to physically review the design and functionality of your product before it is send off for mass production.

Rapid Prototyping

With advanced equipment and rich experience, we are able to turn your design and invention blueprints into manufactured prototypes in as little as 3 days and saving at least 30% in costs.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Dexin’s wide range of low-volume production processes and services include CNC machining, CNC milling, injection molding, metal casting.

Surface Finishing

Dexin is expert in achieving the perfect surface finishies for your parts. With anodizing, spray painting, vapor polishing, sandblasted, silk-screen. Learn more about the our finishing services.

Your ideas matter to us
– as well as functionality and quality.

Turning your vision into a reality is no simple feat. You need to entrust your ideas to a prototype company that will handle the manufacturing process swiftly and with the utmost professionalism.

We’re a China based rapid manufacturing company, with Western roots. All of our products stand up to strict western critical tolerance criteria, making us a leader in the production of rapid prototypes and low volume manufacturing.

Outstanding Prototyping Services from Us

Why You Can Trust Dexin To Deliver

Quality Assurance: We strictly implement ISO quality standards and have received ISO 90001: 2015 certification. This means our production lines feature advanced technologies that give manufacturing precision and accuracy. With sophisticated measuring and testing equipment in house, we check all incoming material and parts to meet your specifications. That’s why we are outstanding among the rapid prototyping companies in China. What’s more:

I got the box from DHL yesterday, and unpacked it immediately. Well done mate, they are outstanding! I want to THANK YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE STAFF for all of your hard work, efforts and skills to get this completed.



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We manufacture rapid prototypes and low-volume production orders for customers in multiple industries.

CNC Machining Services
CNC Machining Services